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Discovery Team Update

Although we are in lockdown and are unable to get to the collection to conduct face-to-face meetings, we have still been going strong with monthly Zoom meetings. We have been coming up with some innovative ideas to move forward with the Discovery Team. Everyone in our team has been working hard in between meetings to progress our impact in Shuttleworth and increase our recognition with other youth groups in museums. As well as coming up with new ideas for activities to teach and inspire young people who pass through Shuttleworth.

For example, Phoebe (our social media coordinator) has been getting a schedule together for when the Discovery Team will be posting on social media. This will raise our profile on social media and inspire young people to join the DT and partake in the activities we put on. This schedule also includes our aims for the posts our members will write.

As well as that, Jamaal (our partnership coordinator) has been working hard on thinking of how the Discovery Team can link our different partners. Since our previous meeting in February, he has been working on producing a list of potential and current partners, and creating a partnership pack that tells potential partners what we do and who the Discovery Team is.

We can’t wait to start putting plans into action around Shuttleworth and on social media, and meeting new partners in the near future. And of course seeing you around the Collection.