Member Benefits

Your membership fee helps the Shuttleworth Collection to survive and put on regular events, but also entitles you to range of benefits.

Propswing MagazineMost obviously, SVAS members get free entry to Shuttleworth all year round, except on flying days and special event days. The admission fee on flying days is reduced by up to 50% – if you attended all of the full airshow events each year, you’d have saved £110!

Purchases of over £5 in the well-stocked Collection shop attract a 15% discount. Members are also entitled to use the SVAS Library and archives.

Our magazine, Prop-Swing, with SVAS news and aviation and Shuttleworth related articles is sent free to members every March, July and November. Prop-Swing includes articles on every aspect of the Collection from what’s going on with the vehicles to what it’s like to fly the aircraft – lots of stuff that you won’t see elsewhere!

Photo Section

An additional membership option is to join the Photo Section. Limited to 250 members with a serious photographic interest, members have free access to the flight line walk on two flying days each year, can enter the annual Photographic Competition and receive their own newsletter.

500 Club

SVAS members can also join the 500 Club, which is an opportunity for members to win cash prizes of more than £100 per month and, at the same time, contribute to the funds the SVAS raises to help the Collection keep the aircraft and vehicles operational. Half the value of the tickets purchased each month goes to the Collection and half is shared between the members of the 500 Club by way of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th prizes.

Supporting the Shuttleworth Collection