500 Club

The SVAS operates a monthly lottery to help “Keep them Flying” and, at the same time share in a chance to win cash prizes. The 500 Club is so called as this is the largest number of SVAS members who can take part in the lottery. Half of the proceeds go into the general fund to help with the Society’s work supporting the Collection. The other half goes into a prize pool which is distributed each month in the form of 6 cash prizes,  1st prize of 40%, 2nd prize of 20%, 3rd prize of 15%, 4th prize of 12.5%, 5th prize of 7.5% and 6th prize of 5%. The 500 club is only open to SVAS members, and the more members that participate the greater the money pool. We currently have vacancies in the lottery to bring the number of participants up to the maximum of 500.

The subscription of £1 per month buys four 25p numbered tickets, and members can buy as many numbers as they wish provided that they are multiples of £1. Unique numbers are allocated to participating members and registered against their name. Payment is by monthly standing order and subscriptions shown paid on the bank statement each month will participate in the draw. Each month a computer programme selects six random winning numbers, and the winners notified by post.

If you would like to take part in the 500 Club, then download the application form and return it today!

The 500 Club lottery complies with the Lotteries Act.

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