Shuttleworth - The Board Game

Shuttleworth The Game – Available soon

Shuttleworth - The Board Game

This season’s must have game will soon be in the shops, the Shuttleworth board game allows friends to take part in a season at Shuttleworth. You will have the chance to trade in Old Warden Groats while moving your counters around the board and overtaking opponents or simply barging them out of the way!

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  1. I am a member of the Biggleswade Board Game Group, and would be happy to play test the game with other members if you would like some feedback. Between us we have some 500+ board games, with many hours of playing games of all types, from classic ‘roll and move’ games such as Monopoly to modern games which use different types of game mechanics.
    Simon Quambro
    SVAS #9466

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