Bank Change Information for Standing Orders

Due to difficulties we have experienced recently with Bank of Scotland we have decided to move towards closing this account. In order to do this we need all members who pay by standing order to amend their instruction to pay their subscriptions into the SVAS Lloyds account; details of this bank are on the renewal form sent with the Winter 2017 Prop-Swing and are also available from the Membership Secretaries.

Our Bank of Scotland account will remain open for at least the next year so there is no need to panic if payment has been made into this account. However, it would be much appreciated if you would change your standing order to ensure that future payments are made into our Lloyds account.

2 thoughts on “Bank Change Information for Standing Orders”

  1. Hi – on the note in the current Propswing it asks if you are happy about receiving the mag in PDF format. I have to say that I am most definately NOT IN FAVOUR of this at all – so wish to continue to have it in paper format thru the post. I know this is costly but what else do I get for my £30 quid ? – I know that I enjoy giving the balance of my subs to the SVAS – so lets not have cutting corners please to those that cant get there very often – Best Regards Martin Main mem no 1294

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