View From the workshop

News from Shuttleworth Aircraft Engineers


The DH60x G-EBWD was found to have low compressions, and it was decided to fit new cylinder heads which we have in stock. While the heads are off it has been decided to carry out a full overhaul inspection of the engine, which means they the aircraft might miss the 2021 season, but should return in 2022 with a freshly overhauled engine.

Sopwith Pup [Rory Cook]

The Pup has had its annual inspection, which included removal of sample cylinders to inspect the new piston rings. A loose valve guide was found on the Tutor, and that has been fixed, and has been reassembled.

Hornet Moth wings [Rory Cook]

The hornet moth wings/tail parts are pretty much finished and painted, with a final couple of bits to refit. Hopefully once that’s out of the workshop we can bring the Hind in and make some progress with the recover of that. Dave Scott has already made some progress with the tail parts. The Chipmunk has had engine runs and should be ready to fly as soon as we get the permit back. The Comper also has had engine runs, ready for an LAA permit renewal test flight in the next couple of weeks.

Comper Swift and Ryan STA [Rory Cook]

The Bristol Fighter had its final engine runs last week, and everything has been refinished and cowlings refitted. We’re now awaiting a permit to test so it can be flown.

The privately owned  Vauxhall Vipers Hispano Suiza engine has been reassembled and is ready to fit back into the chassis. The workshop currently has the SE5a awaiting its cylinder blocks. This may require removal of the engine which can only be done once the Vauxhall engine is out of the stand. WD moth is awaiting its engine work. The Speed 6 is having its annual inspection done at the moment, and privately owned Cub G-BLPE is in for investigation into high oil consumption. In the blister hangar are the ANEC and Cygnet which are both having 3 yearly inspections, and the Ryan STM which is having a couple of minor snags ironed out following its first UK test flights yesterday.

All is hopefully gearing up for what we hope is a full and successful airshow season.

Rory Cook, Shuttleworth Engineer